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1976 Cuba Concert, BREAK THE BLOCKADE, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

1976 Cuba Concert, BREAK THE BLOCKADE, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $280.00
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(Economic/Trade Embargo)

In Concert With Cuba, "Break The Blockade" (Economic/Trade Embargo)
July 24, 1976 NYC, Academy of Music
Image from Performance Art made on Stage

20x30 Inch Art Print
Image Dimensions are @16x28 inches on Satin Paper
Signed/Dated on the lower white border surrounding graphic
Clear Sleeved on Acid free Foam Core for safe handling before framing
Shipped Flat, Insured with Delivery Confirmation

Pictured in relief are participants in a performance arts dramatization of support for Cuba and to "Break The Blockade" against this country's trade and economic embargo against them.  The protest against the embargo directed at Cuba was designed to end the strangulation of the Cuban economy by multinational corporate and banking interests that wanted to end the socialist experiment. My new Art Print commemorates the continued protest that is supported by a majority of countries throughout the world to end the embargo. The concert (held in 1976 at the old Academy of Music in NYC) was electrifying and my first exposure to the poetry of feminist political activist, June Jordan. The concert included June's recital from her 1972 work, "Poems of Exile and Return." Included in this small portfolio are images drawn from the concert including music and theatrical expressions against US Imperialism. The staged event memorializes this protest (which banners boldly declared as a blockade) and sent a message for ending the needless cruelty against Cuba which endures to this day nearly 35 years later.

On the day President John F. Kennedy died a personal representative had been directed to meet with Castro about the possibility of normalizing the relationship between Cuba and the United States. With Kennedy's death the hope for the normalization of relations between the two countries died. Castro has publicly stated in a recent interview that if President John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated, there was no question but that relations between Cuba and the United States would have probably improved. Instead, the economic embargo has continued for decades. Kennedy's views challenged the status-quo of the Washington D.C. power brokers by calling for more peaceful forms of cooperation with the Soviet Union and its allies. Kennedy stood for curtailing the devastating influence of U.S. hegemony toward the third world. He was sympathetic to nationalistic movements throughout the third world because he understood the anti-colonial sentiments of the peoples of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Now, 34+ years later this photograph still dramatizes the continued frustration many have throughout the world with the imperial aspects of American Foreign Policy.

"BREAK THE BLOCKADE" Design Copyright © 2010 by Clyde Keller from his 1976 Photograph

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