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Ken Kesey Bus, FURTHER, Poetical Hoo-Haw, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Ken Kesey Bus, FURTHER, Poetical Hoo-Haw, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $235.00
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Photo of the infamous bus
Author Mark Christensen at the helm
Ken Kesey Poetical Hoo-Haw Arts Festival
June 9, 1976

Photographed on Kesey's grounds (near his famous Barn Home)  during the onset of the Poetical Hoo-Haw.  Pictured is the famous bus, "Further."  Inside the bus and sitting at the helm in the driver's seat is author Mark Christensen giving us the "evil" eye.  The view offers an exaggerated wide angle perspective that approaches a fish eye-- perfectly harmonious with Mark's pose, as he presses his face obliquely against the windshield.

16x20 inch archival giclee fine art print
Image dimensions are @11.3x17 inches
Heavyweight 270 gsm Satin paper
Signed/Dated on lower white border
Clear sleeved on acid free foam core
Shipped flat, insured with delivery confirmation

Further"   Copyright © 1976 Clyde Keller

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