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1979, SEATTLE SUMMER SKYLINE, Clyde Keller photo, fine art print   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

1979, SEATTLE SUMMER SKYLINE, Clyde Keller photo, fine art print

Price: $225.00
$65.00 11x14 Fuji 2 in stock
$105.00 12x18 Fuji 2 in stock
$225.00 16x20 Epson 2 in stock
$295.00 20x30 Epson 2 in stock
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Fuji or Epson Print:

"Seattle Summer Skyline"
The View Across Elliott Bay
Seattle, Washington, 1979

20x30 or 16x20 Inch Archival Giclee Print, true archival print, 150+ years
Satin Paper, Pigmented Inks
Image Dimensions @ 18x27 or 12x18 Inches with white border
Signed/Titled and Dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in Archival Sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $295.00 or $225.00


11x14 or 12x18 inch Fuji Crystal Archive photographic print(s)
Lustre Paper, fade resistant for over 20 years
Image dimensions @9x13.5 or 11x16.5 inches with white border
Signed/Titled and dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in archival sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $65.00 and $105.00

NOTE: The printed copyright information appearing on the web display print, is removed for your purchase print.

This urban skyscape chronicles the Old Seattle skyline (the year Microsoft moved back to Seattle) in its last days before the onset of the 1980s and it's emergence as the Emerald City. As shown the harbor is bustling with activity as seen from atop West Seattle and looking across Elliott Bay towards the downtown area showing cargo container ships and ferries as well as a jet in flight over the emerging downtown skyline. The city still stands tall but the ferries have been replaced and the landscape has changed over the past three decades with many new skyscrapers populating the landscape. Part of a larger 1980 photographic art calendar project entitled "Market & Square." The popular calendar was dedicated to the many people who fought for the preservation of Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market... and to the Artisans, Farmers, Street Musicians, Merchants and everyone who has ever known the market and Square.

"Seattle Summer Skyline"
Copyright © 1979 Clyde Keller

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