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BACK LOT FORDS, late 1930s Americana, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

BACK LOT FORDS, late 1930s Americana, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $235.00
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Late 1930s Americana
NW Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

From the Doubles series

Please enjoy this exquisite image of old 1930s (circa 1936) Ford automobiles in my series of doubles comprising of concurrent coincidences, double entendre and intriguing pairs.  These beautiful relics from the late industrial age were found hidden from view on one of my long walks through the neighborhood I lived in-- and not far from my studio on Overton street. Finding them basking in the late summer evening light I felt like I'd hit pay dirt or thrown snake eyes-- the roll of the dice in this case had led me to find a one of a kind pair at just right moment.  Please enjoy!

16x20 Inch Archival  Giclee Fine Art Print
Image Dimensions are @11.3x17 inches
Heavyweight 270 gsm Satin paper
Signed/Dated on lower white border
Clear sleeved on acid free foam core
Shipped flat, insured with delivery confirmation

"Back Lot Fords"  Copyright © 1977 Clyde Keller

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