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1966 portrait, Clyde Keller photo, W. EUGENE SMITH   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

1966 portrait, Clyde Keller photo, W. EUGENE SMITH

Price: $225.00
$65.00 11x14 Fuji 3 in stock
$105.00 12x18 Fuji 3 in stock
$225.00 16x20 Epson 3 in stock
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Fuji or Epson Print:

Original Clyde Keller photo
"W. Eugene Smith"
(1918-1978) August, 1966 portrait of photojournalist

16x20 Inch Archival Giclee Print, true archival print, 150+ years
Satin Paper, Pigmented Inks
Image Dimensions @ 12x18 Inches with white border
Signed/Titled and Dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in Archival Sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $225.00


11x14 or 12x18 inch Fuji Crystal Archive photographic print(s)
Lustre Paper, fade resistant for over 20 years
Image dimensions @9x13.5 or 11x16.5 inches with white border
Signed/Titled and dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in archival sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $65.00 and $105.00

NOTE: The printed copyright information appearing on the web display print, is removed for your purchase print.

This portrait was made of photojournalist Eugene Smith when he gave a 5 day workshop at the University of Oregon. Smith is important for his invention and development of the Photo Essay. He is known for his unwillingness to compromise as he sought to define his subject matter through a series of story telling images.

An artist, music lover as well as a photojournalist, Eugene Smith spoke poetically to us about using a "keyboard of lenses" to articulate the most important visual aspects about his subjects. He was quite frank about his struggles to get at the truth about his subjects and then to get his final prints (that he made himself) published intact. Before Smith, no one would have been able to run a photograph large across two pages of a national magazine. Smith was insistent... and argued for creative layouts of his works. He was after truth... and made great sacrifices to get at it. When LIFE Magazine "butchered" his photo essay on Albert Schweitzer he left the magazine. His career was filled with opportunities but mired by the battles that always ensued with his editors over the use of his images.
As an idealist he would not compromise... and so, in this portrait... I wanted to bring that idealism into sharp focus... his resolute vision and fragility intact. Please enjoy my personal take on this celebrated artist.

Please note a series of three wonderful photos made by photographer Don Getsug can be viwed on the companion pint entitled "Mow Em Down." In the triptych I am shown in an exchange with Eugene Smith (we're looking at the Carnival images) captured during the 1966 Photo Seminar Workshop held at the University of Oregon. To view more of Don's super photographic portfolios, please visit his website at http://www.dongetsug.com/

"W. Eugene Smith"
Copyright © 1966 Clyde Keller

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