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BEAMS in the AFTERGLOW, Oregon Cascades, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

BEAMS in the AFTERGLOW, Oregon Cascades, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $180.00
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Oregon Cascades Landscape
Three Sisters mountain peeks in silhouette

A rare look at the Oregon Cascades in the afterglow of sunset with rays of light shooting out from the hidden sun now just beneath the mountaintops. Under these fleeting atmospheric conditions, colors not ordinarily seen become visible offering a brilliant saturated color palette. Captured on August 14, 2007 in a remote area off Pine Mountain east of Bend, the ethereal image is a study in form and color with strong compositional framing to give emphasis to the dazzling sky, anchored by the Cascades here shown in silhouette. Please enjoy this special moment observed.

16x20 Inch archival giclee art print

Image Dimensions are @11.3x17 inches
Heavyweight 270 gsm Satin paper
Signed/Dated on lower white border
Clear sleeved on acid free foam core
Shipped flat, insured with delivery confirmation

NOTE:  No typesetting appears on the fine art print.

This archival giclee print offers an exquisite range of color, tone and brilliancy faithfully capturing this atmospheric subject.  Makes a strong impression with its bold saturated color. Suitable for immediate safe viewing and ready for framing.

"Beams in the Afterglow"  Copyright 2007 by Clyde Keller

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