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1976, Richard J. Daley, BOSS PROFILE, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

1976, Richard J. Daley, BOSS PROFILE, Clyde Keller photo

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Original Clyde Keller documentary portrait

Mayor Richard J. Daley (1902-1976)

Boss Profile
New York 1976, Democratic National Convention

My documentary image captures Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago seated as a delegate at the Democratic Convention held inside Madison Square Garden.   He is shown in profile from my birds eye view looking up as I was, seated on the convention floor.  Daley was the undisputed Democratic "boss" of Chicago for 21 years.  He played a major role in the history of the Democratic Party giving his key support to John F. Kennedy's 1960 election. The camera I used for all of the Republican and Democratic Convention photographs were Motorized Nikon cameras with Nikkor Lenses. This photograph was taken on the with an 180mm Nikkor telephoto, a personal favorite for fast available light work when a longer unobtrusive "reach" was appropriate.  Made from the original pristine negative with full tonal range and exquisite sharpness.

This photo is on permanent display at the Chicago Police Department, Precinct 9.

16x20 Inch Archival Giclee Fine Art Print
Image Dimensions are @11.3x17 inches
Heavyweight 270 gsm Satin paper
Signed/Dated on lower white border

Clear Sleeved on foam core
Shipped flat, insured with delivery confirmation

"Boss Profile" Copyright © 1976 Clyde Keller

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