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Ken Kesey, ON STAGE, Poetical Hoo-Haw, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Ken Kesey, ON STAGE, Poetical Hoo-Haw, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $375.00
$85.00 11x14 Fuji 3 in stock
$125.00 12x18 Fuji 3 in stock
$280.00 16x20 Epson 3 in stock
$375.00 20x30 Epson 3 in stock
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Ken Kesey "ON STAGE"

Poetical Hoo-Haw
Arts Festival Documentary Image

Beautifully detailed 24mm wide angle portrait made of literary giant, Ken Kesey captured on the day of the Kesey Poetical Hoo-Haw.  My archival giclee print of him offers an exquisite range of cool and warm gray quadtones as well as depth to put you into this highly detailed portrait.  Ken Kesey is shown launching the feastivities of his Poetical Hoo-Haw before an assembled crowd of several hundred enthusiasts who proceeded to break out into a celebratory dance.(See the print entitled Hippies Dancing.  The B&W negative from which this print is made is in pristine condition with little if any deterioration. Suitable for immediate safe viewing (the print is clear sleeved on foam core board) and ready for framing.

20x30 or 16x20 Inch Archival Giclee Print, true archival print, 150+ years
Satin Paper, Pigmented Inks, heavyweight 270 gsm paper
Image Dimensions @ 18x27 or 12x18 Inches with white border
Signed/Titled and Dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in Archival Sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $375.00 and 285.00


11x14 or 12x18 inch Fuji Crystal Archive photographic print(s)
Lustre Paper, fade resistant for over 20 years
Image dimensions @9x13.5 or 11x16.5 inches with white border
Signed/Titled and dated by Clyde Keller
Presented in archival sleeve, Unframed
Shipped Flat, Insured with Tracking
PRICE: $85.00 and $125.00

NOTE: The printed copyright information appearing on the web display print, is removed for your purchase print.

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See Archive from October 16, 2010 article including a slide show of 13 photos.

"The year was 1976. I was going to visit Kesey with my pal photographer Clyde Keller. Clyde was unique... Keller created what Kesey liked best: art made magic. I never met anybody who could compress creativity into such a vital, efficient package. Clyde’s camera was a silent machine gun, he shot photos like movie directors shot film and we were soon to be off to record “Kesey World” for posterity."   Text by Mark Christensen, author of "Acid Christ".

"On Stage" Copyright © 1976 Clyde Keller

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