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Belknap Crater, Drenched in Fog, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Belknap Crater, Drenched in Fog, Clyde Keller photo

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Wide-Field Panorama, Belknap Crater
Oregon High Cascades

This exquisite Wide-Field Panoramic Landscape captures a northerly vista of the dramatic basaltic High Cascades Plateau lava flows found near the Dee Wright Observatory withinside the Belknap Crater Region. Print is imbued with a wide range color gamut capturing the atmosphere and dramatic scale of this recent 1,500 year old lava flow.

The photograph was taken June 29, 2007 inside the Belknap Crater region. A telephoto Nikkor lens was employed to capture the 32x10 degree sweep, atmosphere and stark contrast of the rough, jagged "clinkery" surface of the basaltic lava flows. The panorama was made facing intermittent 20 mph wind gusts and drizzle, both a technical challenge. Note the wild flowers shown far left and the atmospheric effects of the inclement weather. The violence and huge scale of the basaltic flow is shown to impressive effect by the use of panoramic technique.

16x28 Inch archival giclee fine art print
Image dimensions are @10x22 inches
Heavyweight 270 gsm Satin paper
Signed/Dated on lower white border
Clear sleeved on acid free foam core
Shipped flat, insured with delivery confirmation

Drenched in Fog Copyright © 2007 Clyde Keller

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