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2012 surreal nude landscape, PAINTED HILLS MIRAGE, Clyde Keller photo   VIEW LARGER IMAGE

2012 surreal nude landscape, PAINTED HILLS MIRAGE, Clyde Keller photo

Price: $180.00
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Nude in Surreal Landscape
John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon

16x20 Inch archival giclee fine art print
heavyweight 270 gsm satin paper, pigmented inks
Image Dimensions @ 17x14 Inches with white border
Signed/Titled and Dated by Clyde Keller
Clear sleeved on acid free foam core
Shipped flat in our custom box, Insured with Tracking

This is an assembled print made from different elements of older images.The nude was captured atop Mt. Hood, Oregon and the Painted Hills landscape has been inverted with special treatment to suggest a mirage. Specific elements have been "smudged" to lend a further enhancement to the mirage with a shattering effect. Both nude and landscape were combined for the intended dreamy surreal look as shown above. The tonality of the print is a cool gray (bluish) quad-tone and has considerable depth.

"Painted Hills Mirage" Copyright © 2012 Clyde Keller

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